Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 17

Today I went to work in the morning, had lunch with my mom (finally able to see me after the tattoo news), and then accompanied her to get some new work clothes for her business trip she has coming up. I love my mama. Also cleaned up a bit around the apartment. It's amazing how many times I have to clean the kitchen in a week. I don't understand how it gets so messy so quickly?

So for Day 17, I tried a new recipe. Black bean and spinach enchiladas I found over at The Garden Grazer. I've never made enchiladas before and I think they turned out very successful. They were easy and the SO was happy with the turn out, even though he had quite a long wait for them after somehow losing one of the ingredients, and discovering that he had grabbed parsley instead of cilantro.. Boys. I will post the recipe for them in a little bit.

I love trying new recipes, it's exciting to see what the outcome is going to be and I love being pleasantly surprised by how tasty it ends up, or enjoying a laugh when it's a disaster.


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