Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 23, 24 & 25

Although I have still been achieving my 365 goal of doing one good thing for myself per day, I haven't felt as motivated to write about it. I'm hoping I can get back into it and be my hilarious witty self.

So Thursday was Day 23, I took my sister's dog Ru who I'm watching all weekend for a nice long walk. I also drew eyebrows on her to get a little laugh and a lot of pictures, but I don't think that counts as part of my project.. The healthy part was the nice long walk which was really enjoyable now that mornings and evenings are nice and cool.

Here's a bonus eyebrow picture of the cutie.

Obviously she didn't enjoy the eyebrows as much as I did..

Friday was Day 24, and the day of my big work event. It ran so smoothly, surprisingly, and I didn't have any hiccups. I was really impressed with my staff for coming through for me, and being organized ahead of time really made the night a success. I was not as stressed out as I thought I would be, and actually had fun. So afterwards, I had a nice glass of wine and dinner with my dad, which was a really good way to end the night after a busy day.

For Day 25 I went to yoga after work, as much as I would have rather taken a nap and cuddled with Ru and despite the fact that I was running late getting there (which I get major anxiety about). So I went, and as usual I did not regret it. There were only three other people in the class, the smallest class I've been in, and it really gave me a chance to focus on myself, and make adjustments to the poses because I could clearly see myself in the mirror without distractions. I wish all of my yoga classes could be like that, because I didn't compare myself to anyone else since I could only see myself in the mirror and no one else. I don't like watching myself in the mirror because I focus too much on the issues I have with my body instead of how I'm doing in the pose, so this forced me to face that, and it wasn't so bad. It really helped to not have those skinny show offs in front of me as well. It made me feel that I am where I'm supposed to be and it is okay.

And I spent the night with Emily drinking vodka martinis and watching House of Versace. It was a good day.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 20, 21 & 22

Wow, I have been seriously slacking on updating this. I'm so sorry to my many many followers who hang on my every word and check daily to see what I did for myself. Don't worry, I'll bring you up to speed on my week.

On Monday for Day 20, I decided to take a personal day. After class in the morning I decided not to go to work and instead go the next day. I didn't have the SO over. I didn't pick up the work I've been putting off, and I didn't put my mind on anything I didn't want to. I think it's important to spend a day like that every now and then, to just let your brain rest. I caught up on Homeland (needed to finish it so I could get back to the real world), I had a healthy dinner, and I had a great night of sleep. Worth it.

On Tuesday for Day 21, I made dinner and hosted a few friends. The SO, his brother, and Emily. There was plenty of wine, and food and everyone seemed to have a good time. I made the enchiladas for everyone, this time with a side of Spanish rice, and they were successful. Lots of good conversation and laughs, and it was good to spend time with people after spending the day before alone. It's all about balance people!

On Wednesday for Day 22, I came up with a plan at work. I am hosting a huge work event on Friday, and I'm feeling a lot of pressure because it is the first time I've hosted this large of an event since I've been in this position, and it will reflect on how well (or not) I do my job. So to be prepared, I wrote out a big list of what needs to happen before the event, and a schedule of what needs to happen the day of the event, as well as during the time of the event. I planned who will be responsible for what job, and we will all be having a brief meeting before the event to all get on the same page. I know it's probably common sense to do something like this, but I included it in this challenge because it made me feel better myself in my work life by feeling more prepared and empowered that I can pull this event off. Wish me luck!